Official Rules.

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Official Rules.

Post by drrick5 on Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:33 pm


1. Do not talk about /b/

2. Do not spam. (Needless posts to annoy another person or people.)

3. Use appropriate language please.

4. Do not make ASCII arts.

5. Do not post anything illegal on the forum.

6. Do not post porn on the forum.

7. Do not disrespect other people on the forum.

8. Do not bring religion or politics into topics.

9. Do not flame people's work.

10. Do not double post.

11. Do not use people's real names on the forum without their permission.

12. Post in English. (I am not being racist i just can't take the time to translate everything that you post if it is in French/Spanish/etc.

13. You are responsible for your own account.

14. Do not break the fourth wall.

These rules are susceptible to change. Punishments for breaking the rules will vary depending on the situation. If a person breaks rules on the forum without reading these rules it is not the moderators problem and they are still held to these rules. <strong>Breaking the forum rules, in some cases, can also get you banned on the server.</strong>

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